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We are just one of the many farmers here on the east coast. We grow about 600 acres of potatoes, 300 acres of corn, and 200 acres of grain. Our Farm is located about 13 miles northwest of Woodstock, NB.

My family has been pulling tractors for many generations. I myself have been pulling now for 33 years. I guess having farm equipment around to play with on the weekends is a good help.

We have owned many White Farm Equipment tractors. I guess my favorite tractor would be the White 2-180 only because it has a 3208 V8 CAT engine. I guess that got me hooked on running a V8 CAT for a prostock tractor. Bad Kitty II & Bad Kitty III Is Owned by Kevin & Bob Taylor. The picture at the top is the first and orginal BAD KITTY.

Both Bad Kitty II, III have V8 3208 CAT engines. The fuel and turbo systems were done by AREA DIESEL, located in Carlingville, Illnois. The clutchs are done by EAST WEST Engineering, located in Nevada. The tires were done in house by Bob Taylor, Taylors Feed & Tire, located in Centreville, New Brunswick.

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